Release Date: 2011

Cast: Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm


This show is absolutely hilarious! Blake is the funniest dude on the show, he even looks funny. Along with the other reviewer, I signed up at IMDb here specifically to dispute the review shown on the front page, what do the Brits know about humor anyway? This show is definitely geared toward working class stoners of which there are certainly no shortage. Put your preconceptions aside and just enjoy the senseless humor that this group offers in every episode. Part of why this show is so appealing to me is because I have been in this exact same position, working as a telemarketer, getting stoned everyday, living with a bunch of crazy roommates. This is a comedy show that stays true to real life situations that real people go through and puts a humorous spin on life and friendship. If you don't think the poop dollar is hilarious, you should rethink what you find funny.

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