Beauty and the Beast

Release Date: 2012

Cast: Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan and Max Brown

Categories:Drama Thriller

"A modern day retelling of the Beauty and Beast fairytale, this update uses military medical experimentation to create ""Beast"" with the down side of there being no ""Magic Cure"" to resolve what's been done to him. Beauty is tied to the beast via her mother, the scientist involved in the experiments done to these soldiers. Vincent, the beast, hides his life from the corporation tied to the government responsible for the experiments, and fears that he, like most of his brethren, will be killed if they find him. Katharine is sharp and became a detective after the murder of her mother in front of her, where she first meets Vincent when he saves her life from her mother's killers. The show has a gritty modern Bones or CSI feel to it but with the added charm of a Medieval fairy tale."

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